Carpool to Temple Basin

Date Leaving Sunday, September 26
Date Returning Saturday, October 02
Spaces Free 1
Name Daniel Adair
Driven here before yes
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Telephone Old data not shown
City you are leaving from Ohoka

Offering only one way ride to TB. Leaving on Sunday with some stops on the way with the plan hike up on Monday morning, so for you would be hike up Sunday evening as I don't have much space in the car. Returning back in the end of the week because of some hiking, so can also take anyone back from TB, CB or BR.

Temple Basin Snow Report
Status Closed
Road Open
Road info The Temple Basin Carpark is located beside State Highway 73, 4 kms west of Arthur's Pass Village. The road is sealed and well maintained so chains are rarely needed. The free goods lift which carries all gear and supplies up the mountain, is also located beside State Highway 73 but 800m further west from the carpark. The access walking track starts from the west end of the carpark.
Snow 32cm — 260cm
Updated 2021-10-05 at 08:56
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